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Morocco is playing an increasingly assertive role in promoting peace and development in North Africa:

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Notwithstanding the complications, the deal signed in Morocco is a step in the right direction for it pushes the principal Libyan actors down the desirable path of unification. Once implemented on the ground, the unification will also pave the way for Libya to become a crucial player in the fight against IS. In fact, there are indications that countries such as UK are awaiting official Libyan request to send special forces troops to the North African nation to combat IS.

In all of this there’s no denying Morocco’s exemplary role in catalysing the Libyan peace process. The unity deal is a result of several rounds of negotiations between the rival Libyan factions hosted by the Moroccan government at Skhirat. Rabat’s motivations in this regard are driven by a desire to shore up regional stability and firewall vulnerable African nations from the predatory tactics of transnational terror groups like IS and Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb. Hence, it is pursuing a multi-dimensional approach that includes promoting moderate Islam, boosting regional economies, facilitating security cooperation with international partners and catalysing political solutions to regional disputes. In fact, Morocco is fast emerging as a bulwark against instability in North Africa in a quiet, unassuming manner. Much of this is because of the farsightedness of Morocco’s monarch King Mohammed VI who realised early the turmoil that would befall the region in the wake of the Arab Spring movement in 2011. In response, he initiated a raft of domestic political reforms and laid out a broad vision for Morocco to emerge as a regional pole of stability.

Hence, Morocco’s efforts – whether they are to promote South-South cooperation or facilitate the Libyan peace process – need to be wholeheartedly supported by the international community…[FULL STORY]


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