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Morocco’s Taghazout featured as one of the world’s best startup hubs:

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Population: 35,000
Pros: A small, vibrant community, cheap prices and a genuinely unique start-up experience.
Cons: Internet access isn’t quite as reliable as you’d wish, lack of any ‘ordinary’ start-up community.
Cost: One of the cheapest you’re likely to find, both in terms of living and working costs.
What to expect: ​
Something the likes of which you’re not likely to experience in any other start-up hub, prepare to look at things through a different lens.Jonny Miller and his team at Maptia know a thing or two about start-up hubs, having based themselves in Europe, North and South America over the past few years. We took some time to speak with Jonny about Maptia’s experiences in Taghazout and why it might be the perfect place for your start-up to relocate to.
What are best aspects of doing business in Taghazout?
There is a ‘Moroccan’ time difference. Not only in the sense of the literal transition between PDT to GMT, but our temporal perception shifted gears. In Morocco, life and work beat to a different tempo. Stepping outside the start-up echo chamber we all felt a welcome sense of perspective and clarity, working on our own ‘makers schedule’ – to adopt Paul Graham’s term – has done wonders for productivity…[FULL STORY]

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