Morocco’s First Solar Power Plant is Here, and it’s Massive | Inquisitr

Morocco’s new Noor solar plant continues to draw attention from around the world:

inquisitorIf there are two things for which Morocco is known to those who have never been, its awesome food and a great big desert. The African country is located at the northwestern corner of the Sahara, and good for them, their doing something great with all that sunshine. The Noor I power plant is a project designed to bring renewable energy to the homes of over a million Moroccans. Not only does it bring green energy to many people, but it also makes Morocco a more autonomous country in terms of energy resources.

NPR reports that Noor I is capable of generating 160 megawatts of a power while covering thousands of sun-baked acres. This makes it the worlds largest solar power plants. And if you’re wondering how necessary this was for Morocco, just look at the fact that they have been relying on imported resources for over 97 percent of their energy consumption. Carbon emissions are expected to be reduced 760,000 tons per year. While it may not eliminate the country’s dependence immediately or even entirely, attaining this kind of independence from foreign imports will have huge economic value…[FULL STORY]


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