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Morocco’s deliberate economic leadership in Africa:

BizNis AfricaLeading to the COP 22 conference, which will be hosted by Morocco, the forum Africa, Time for a New Deal, co-organized by the think tank Club 2030 Afrique and Forbes Africa Magazine, is inviting African leaders to reflect together on the continent’s challenges and the different perspectives for inter-African collaborations for African solutions.

The first edition, under the theme ‘Towards African Solutions to the Continent’s Challenges’, will take place on 2 June 2016, in Marrakech, Morocco, a country pushing for a new South-South partnership.

Since the independence of African states, commercial exchanges between Morocco and sub-Saharan states have been a priority of the Moroccan economic and trade policy.

The highest authorities of the country have emphasized it repeatedly and frequent visits of the King in the sub-Saharan region during the past few years also testify to this.

The development of commercial exchanges and the strengthening of a partnership with this region of the African continent are being put forward with a true consciousness, on both sides, of the need to elevate these relations to the highest possible level, as potential and opportunities for co-operation are substantial…[FULL STORY]


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