Gulf states back Morocco on Sahara territory | AFP

Gulf states support Morocco’s position on the Western Sahara:

afpGulf monarchies on Wednesday voiced support for Morocco’s claim over Western Sahara during a joint summit in Riyadh, where Moroccan King Mohammed VI spoke of a “dangerous” situation.

“We stress our support to all political and security causes that are important for your brotherly country, mainly the Western Sahara,” Saudi King Salman said at the opening of the summit of leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the North African nation.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the GCC includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

King Salman stressed the GCC’s “categorical rejection of any harm to the interests of Morocco” over the disputed territory, where the Algiers-backed Polisario Front demands independence…[FULL STORY]



The Gulf states need Morocco and supporting him is the least they can do.

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