Morocco Calls for African Countries’ Involvement in All Cooperation Initiatives to Improve Road Networks | MedAfrica Times

Morocco calls for better road networks in Africa at the first African Congress on Maintenance, Preservation of Road Assets and Technical Innovation, held in Marrakech:

medafricatimesMorocco has stressed the need for African countries to get involved in all initiatives aimed at boosting cooperation to improve their national road networks, which play a major role in reducing spatial disparities, ensuring public access to markets and services, reducing poverty and vulnerability and combating social exclusion.

“African countries should, therefore, be involved in all initiatives aimed at boosting cooperation to improve national road networks, upgrade funding mechanisms and reflect, together, on road development policies and maintenance technology within the framework of national, regional and international professional organizations,” said King Mohammed VI.

In a message that was read out on his behalf Wednesday before the opening session of the first African Congress on maintenance, preservation of road assets and technical innovation, being held in Marrakech, the King stressed the crucial importance of international cooperation and the exchange of information and expertise in all areas. He said, “Interaction and cooperation in the infrastructure sector between African countries, as well as between Africa and the countries of the North, will contribute to developing and modernizing this sector.”..[FULL STORY]


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