Bonn Paves The Way For Integration, Implementation And Action In Marrakesh | Ecosystem Marketplace

Moroccan officials are paving the way for a successful COP#22 conference, aiming to make it  “the action conference”:

Ecosystem MarketplaceAzziz Mekouar, Morocco’s Ambassador for Multilateral Negotiations, was also present at the conference, speaking about the country’s plans for COP 22, to take place in Marrakesh in November of this year.

The Moroccan minister delegate to the Minister of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment, Hakima El Haite, said in an earlier statement that, “Lima is the COP of negotiations, Paris is one of decisions and COP 22 will be the Action Conference.”

Morocco plans to raise the Lima-Paris Action Agenda, which is a platform to accelerate cooperative climate action beyond governments to cities, businesses and others, to a new height, Mekouar explains.

“The action agenda is key because it’s the real world. It’s where people around the world can see that what we’re doing is meaningful,” he says…[FULL STORY]


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