Jewish community enjoys ‘safe space’ in Morocco | World Tribune

An excerpt from a speech by President of the Jewish community of Marrakesh-Essaouira, Jacky Kadoch, at a High-Level International Consultation to advance the protection of minorities in Muslim Majority States:

world tribuneIt is a great honor to come to this great city to speak with you about the life and experience of the Moroccan Jewish community.

This is because of the special nature of the Kingdom of Morocco, lying at the tip of Africa, close to Europe and with a population that is almost entirely Muslim. It is “a country that has been, and continues to be, in both its leadership and its people, an inspiring example of the protection of the rights of religious minorities”.

Ladies and gentlemen, the sentence I have just read is taken directly from the Marrakesh Declaration, drawn up in January this year at the end of a groundbreaking conference of Islamic scholars and intellectuals from over 120 countries to clarify and restate at this critical time the Islamic viewpoint on the rights of religious minorities in predominantly Muslim majority countries.

This was convened under the patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco in the light of the turmoil facing many parts of the Muslim world…[FULL STORY]

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