Morocco’s urban transformation: When Hurry met Salé | Daily Maverick

Morocco’s broad progress over the last few decades is evident in the the transitioning city of Salé:

daily maverickWhen Ridley Scott was looking for a location for his 2001 film Blackhawk Down, which depicts the 1993 US mission to capture a Somali Warlord that went disastrously wrong, the original site of the event, Mogadishu, was deemed to be far too dangerous. Instead they shot the film in Morocco, with Salé’s Sidi Moussa district being transformed into the Somali capital and the 17th century Rabat medina becoming Mogadishu’s ‘Bakara Market’.

Today they would have to go elsewhere. Morocco’s slum removal initiative Program National d’Action pour la Urban Fabric, launched in 2001, and the subsequent Ville’s Sans Bidonvilles Program(‘Cities without Slums’), launched in 2004, combined with an aggressive industrialisation and job creation strategy are dramatically changing the face of cities across the country. Such initiatives have been underpinned by strong growth in the economy averaging 4.3 percent since 1999…[FULL STORY]

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