King Mohammed VI’s August 20 Speech Hailed Abroad as a Message of Peace, Tolerance | North Africa Post

King Mohammed VI’s recent speech draws strong praise across the globe:

The North Africa PostSeveral foreign officials and media outlets have highlighted the importance and timeliness of the speech delivered by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI on the 63rd anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, wherein he called on monotheists to pool efforts to fight the scourge of terrorism, which is sparing no community and no country.

In this vein, France Monday hailed the royal speech, which renewed Morocco’s commitment to fight terrorism and fanaticism and which called for unity to win over extremism, as a message of peace and tolerance. The European country, one of Morocco’s staunch allies, reiterated its resolve to work with the Kingdom to fight radicalization and terrorism.

France “hails Morocco’s strong commitment against fanaticism in all its forms and reiterates its commitment to work together within the framework of the special partnership binding the two countries, to prevent and fight radicalization and terrorism,” Spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry, Romain Nadal, said Monday at a press briefing…[FULL STORY]


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