Morocco Most Democratic Country in Arab World According to Latest Arab Democracy Index

Washington, DC, June 26, 2017 (MACP) — Morocco ranks as the most democratic country in the Arab world according to the Arab Democracy Index, released earlier this month by the Arab Reform Initiative and The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research. This fifth iteration of the report examines survey data to measure the democratic transition process in Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco.

While the report showed an overall decline in democratization in the Arab world, Morocco posted gains to remain in the lead for the fourth time since the Index first launched in 2008. The North African country showed improvements in a number of indicators, particularly in the data “related to surveillance of the press, the hindering of political party activity, personal safety, and school dropout rates,” according to the report’s Executive Summary.

Tunisia and Jordan followed Morocco as second and third most democratic countries in the Index. Among its many recommendations, the report “highlights the urgent need to strengthen the monitoring functions of [Arab] political systems, enhance the ability of parliaments to ensure accountability, promote judicial independence, and strengthen oversight of the security services. It also recommends supporting the role of women in the [labor] force, reforming education, and giving more freedom to the media to contribute effectively to public debate and raising awareness.”

“Morocco’s rank in the Arab Democracy Index is a testament to King Mohammed VI’s vision for a stable, prosperous, and democratic Morocco—a vision which he laid out nearly two decades ago,” said former US Ambassador to Morocco Edward M. Gabriel. “Morocco should be proud of and encouraged by these results.”


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