King Mohammed VI Calls for New Development Model

Urges rapid implementation of Regionalization to support “bold” initiatives

Washington, DC, October 17, 2017 (MACP) – In his speech at the opening session of Parliament this week, King Mohammed VI called for reconsideration of Morocco’s development model “in order to keep abreast of changes in the country.”

The King noted that, “Although Morocco has made tangible progress, which is recognized throughout the world, we have to admit that our national development model no longer responds to citizens’ growing demands and pressing needs; it has not been able to reduce disparities between segments of the population, correct inter-regional imbalances or achieve social justice.”

He said, “What I want is for the situation to be addressed, mistakes corrected and shortcomings remedied.” To that end, he called for “the full implementation of advanced regionalization to be speeded up because that system provides solutions and fulfils social and development expectations in all of our regions.”

The King announced several new ministerial departments to monitor development progress and called for a “new integrated youth policy – similar to the National Initiative for Human Development – that would be based primarily on training and employment.”

“Moroccans today need balanced, equitable development,” he said, “which ensures dignity for all, guarantees income, provides jobs – especially for our young people – and contributes to building confidence, promoting stability and ensuring integration into professional, social and family life, a goal to which all citizens aspire.” The King urged “objectivity and calling a spade a spade, without flattery or embellishment. I call for innovative, bold solutions, even if that means going into uncharted territory or causing a political earthquake.”

“Since ascending the throne, King Mohammed VI has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to reform,” said former US Ambassador to Morocco Edward M. Gabriel. “He consistently acknowledges problems and seeks the most effective solutions – for the benefit of all Moroccans.”


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