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German Marshall Fund Report Links Morocco’s “Geo-Economics” to US Interests in Africa – Jean R. AbiNader

  Jean R. AbiNader, MATIC October 24, 2013 Earlier this week, the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) released a policy brief “Morocco’s New Geo-Economics: Implications for U.S.-Moroccan Partnership.” Authored by Dr. Ian Lesser, Executive Director of GMF’s Brussels Office and its Senior Director for Foreign and Security Policy, the paper was reviewed by a roundtable of experts whose insights were incorporated into the final document. It is ...

Unlocking Morocco’s Potential: Hearing from the Experts – Jean R. AbiNader

Jean R. AbiNader MATIC October 10, 2013 A panel organized by the Financial Times on growing business opportunities in Morocco was held in New York this week. It was part of a series of programs done in association with the Moroccan Agency for Investment Development (AMDI) to highlight Morocco’s geo-strategic and geo-economic importance as a platform for accessing markets of close to a billion consumers in Europe, Africa, North Africa, ...

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Morocco Resists Regional Status Quo, Moves Ahead to Define Future – Jean R. AbiNader

  Jean R. AbiNader, MATIC Washington, DC September 17, 2013 It’s the weekend in Casablanca. A shallow rain has dampened down the dust on the construction sites, for a few hours. Many people are just starting their day, having had their fill of a Friday dinner that always features heaping mounds of tagine and cous cous. I have been here for more than a week, enough to enjoy the fullness ...

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