In July 2011, decades of reform were officially consolidated when Moroccans voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new constitution establishing a constitutional monarchy with separation of powers, enhanced responsibilities for local and regional governments, and clear support for the multicultural, multi-religious character of Moroccan society.

The 2011 Constitution:

  • Establishes that the Head of Government will be appointed from the party that wins the most seats in the Parliament in the upcoming elections.
  • Expands the powers of the Head of Government and the Parliament, giving them broad legislative powers.
  • Empowers Moroccans with more control and leadership at the local government level—making local and regional officials directly accountable to voters.
  • Establishes independent agencies to guarantee civil and human rights protections.
  • Establishes an independent judiciary with a newly mandated Constitutional Court.
  • Includes recognition of Morocco’s cultural identity of diverse ethnicities, religions, languages, and traditions.

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