Morocco plays a leading role in the international community and maintains a strong commitment to promoting stability and security, human development, economic growth, and democracy throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Morocco has been a staunch ally of the United States for more than two hundred years.  Today, that friendship and cooperation continues in many fields, highlighted by a common commitment to peace, democracy, combating terrorism, and advancing regional security and development. The US-Morocco friendship was further solidified in September 2012 with the launch of a Strategic Dialogue.

Morocco continues to successfully fight against terrorism within its borders, and cooperates closely on counterterrorism efforts with the US, the EU, and countries in the Sahel, the Maghreb, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Morocco works with its neighbors to peacefully resolve issues that stand in the way of the full cooperation necessary to advance regional economic success and political development. Toward this end, in 2007, Morocco proposed a compromise solution to the three-decade-old Western Sahara conflict that has been welcomed by three US administrations, the US Congress, and most of the international community.


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