As a stable country in a region afflicted by political turmoil and increasing terrorist activity, Morocco is committed to promoting regional security and cooperates closely on counterterrorism and other security efforts with the US, the European Union, and its neighbors in the Maghreb, Sahel, and sub-Saharan Africa. Select efforts include:

  • Joining the Trans-Saharan Counterterrorism Partnership Initiative;
  • Dismantling terror cells and foiling attempts to establish terrorist training camps in Morocco;
  • Conducting joint military exercises with the United States through the Africa Lion program;
  • Contributing troops, military observers, and policy to UN Peacekeeping Missions in Africa;
  • Providing access to Moroccan bases to France, Spain, and Portugal during the Mali crisis;
  • Strengthening ties with African neighbors, including Senegal, Chad, and Cote d’Ivoire.

Morocco has also instituted successful counterterrorism measures at home, using a variety of both hard and soft power. In addition to the anti-terrorist activities of its security forces, Morocco works to block terrorists’ access to financial resources, reduce the attraction of terrorism by combating economic and political marginalization, and promote moderate Islam in its mosques and relations with other religions.


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