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Time to resolve the Western Sahara dispute | The Hill

More calls to finally end the Western Sahara dispute: Love and patriotism are difficult emotions to fake. Last week, Moroccans around the world commemorated a peaceful march that 40 years ago declared Morocco’s historical claim to its beloved Saharan lands. King Mohamed VI, who is devoted to the cause of the nation’s claim to its southern provinces, continues to draw crowds and support. With its diverse regions, dialects, ethnicities and ...

As Green March turns 40, Moroccan king pledges more support to W. Saharans | Al Arabiya

King Mohammed VI described in a speech a “new era” for Western Sahara, and Morocco’s longstanding commitment to its development: As Moroccans celebrated the 40th anniversary festivities of Morocco’s Green March, a peaceful protest which successfully brought an end to Spanish colonial presence in 1975, a large demonstration also took place outside a U.N. office in the Western Saharan city of Laayoune. Western Saharans, also known as Sahrawis, who took ...

Morocco’s Green March at 40 | The Hill

Leading Africa expert and Director of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center on the 40th anniversary of the Green March: This Friday is the 40th anniversary of one of the defining moments of the post-colonial history of Morocco and, indeed, all of Africa. At dawn on Nov. 6, 1975, some 350,000 Moroccans armed only with flags and copies of the Quran crossed the border arbitrarily imposed by 19th-century European imperialists to ...

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