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Black gold, white gold | The Economist

Morocco is “a rising star in the west,” according to a special report by The Economist on Arab world economies: [...] In Morocco, by contrast, the mood is hopeful. A smaller country than Egypt, and far from the upheavals to the east, it has been more successful than most other Arab states at holding on to its all-important tourist industry. It is building up its manufacturing sector by seeking to ...

Morocco’s aerospace industry soars | Blouin News

Morocco’s targeted investments in developing an aerospace manufacturing industry are paying off: French aerospace firm Daher will open a third manufacturing plant in Morocco next year, L’Usine Nouvelle reported on Monday. The $16.26 million compound will be one of several new additions to come in the near future as Morocco’s aerospace industry blossoms. In 2014 the Moroccan government launched an Industrial Acceleration Plan, aimed at boosting the country’s economy and ...

Unlocking Morocco’s Potential: Hearing from the Experts – Jean R. AbiNader

Jean R. AbiNader MATIC October 10, 2013 A panel organized by the Financial Times on growing business opportunities in Morocco was held in New York this week. It was part of a series of programs done in association with the Moroccan Agency for Investment Development (AMDI) to highlight Morocco’s geo-strategic and geo-economic importance as a platform for accessing markets of close to a billion consumers in Europe, Africa, North Africa, ...

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