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The anti Silicon Valley: Start-up haven blooms in Moroccan paradise | CNN

CNN checks out The Blue House, a tech incubator space in Morocco that has been called “one of the world’s best start-up hubs”: The sleepy shores of Taghazout have traditionally been shared between the local fishing community and traveling surfers. The pinprick town on Morocco’s west coast has sketchy Internet coverage and little obvious appeal to workaholic, technophile entrepreneurs. But buzz is building around Taghazout in start-up circles, and it ...

Relocating our startup from Seattle to Morocco was the best decision we ever made | Quartz

American entrepreneurs on their experience relocating their startup from Seattle to Taghazout, Morocco: Shortly after graduating from university in the UK—and united by our shared desire to escape the corporate conveyor belt—we left the quaint cobbled streets of Durham, England behind and embarked on a trans-continental quest to build our startup, Maptia. One thousand days, four continents, and many (mis)adventures later, the three of us have launched a growing global ...

More work, less stress: inside the Blue House, Morocco’s residence for startups | Wamda

A hub for entrepreneurs begins to form in a small, seaside town of Morocco: Surf tourism has grown in popularity over the years, and Morocco’s little village of Taghazout, north of Agadir, has not escaped this trend. With its beautiful coast and picturesque setting, it is understandable that it has become temporary home to traveling surfers and yoga practitioners alike. But there’s another segment of this tourist business that is worth ...

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