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Last Week in Maghreb and Sahel Security – Caitlin Dearing Scott & David Bloom

Caitlin Dearing Scott, MAC David S. Bloom, MAC June 24, 2015 It has certainly been an interesting week for security in the Maghreb and Sahel, with the region making rare headlines in the US thanks to the alleged killing (or not) of renowned terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar, AKA Mr. Marlboro. Initial reports that he was killed in a targeted US airstrike in Libya were confirmed by the Libyan government, but not ...

State Department Annual Country Reports on Terrorism 2013: Evolving Threat of Terrorism in the Maghreb and Sahel – Caitlin Dearing Scott

  . * ”Terrorism in the Maghreb and Sahel remains a significant threat, and the extremists driving it will go on exploiting the open space and gaps in security cooperation that continue to define the region.” *  . Caitlin Dearing Scott, MAC May 2, 2014 The US State Department Bureau of Counterterrorism released its 2013 annual report on terrorism yesterday. Unsurprisingly, it mirrored much of what we have seen in terrorism news ...

Terrorism: Two Reports Weigh In After President’s State of the Union – Garth Neuffer

 . * President Obama’s SOTU: “The fact is that danger remains.” New reports by US & IUCTS confirm rising terror threat across Africa, in Syria;  IUCTS urges stemming flow of arms, recruits across borders, disbanding Polisario militia * . Garth Neuffer, MACP February 3, 2014 In delivering his 5th State of the Union speech last week, President Obama addressed a number of challenging realities. On the international scene, where change ...

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