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Addressing Morocco’s Unemployment Challenge, Especially for Women – David S. Bloom

David S. Bloom, MAC July 21, 2015 When it comes to economic development, demographics can be both a challenge and an opportunity. In North Africa in particular, the youth bulge presents an enormous opportunity for fundamental shifts in society and the economy, yet it is also a looming threat for those tasked with creating enough jobs for them. So far, the region is falling behind on creating sufficient job opportunities ...

Morocco’s political reforms, ‘successs story’ in Arab World- Brookings Institution | Maghreb Arab Press

A new report from the Brookings Institution praises Morocco’s political reforms, calling it a “success story” in the Arab World: Morocco’s gradual approach to political reforms and democratization stands as a “success story” in the Arab World, said the Brookings Institution in a recently published paper. “Morocco has so far been a success story in the Arab world. It has followed a gradual approach to political reforms and democratization, which ...

New Reports on Africa Highlight Areas of Opportunity, Obstacles to Growth – Jean AbiNader

  . * Ahead of US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC, August 5-6, overall picture promising, yet challenges continue *   Jean R. AbiNader, MATIC May 23, 2014 Several recent publications have put the challenging road to prosperity for Africa center stage. The most thorough assessment is in the 2014 Economic Outlook published by the African Development Bank (AfDB). It is comprehensive, covering all 54 African countries. Every year, the ...

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