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The Proof of the Pudding…Is Now in Parliament – Jordana Merran

.  * Morocco’s internal human rights mechanisms are working. Change is happening, and it’s happening in a transparent way. * . Jordana Merran, MAC March 20, 2014 Last week, Morocco’s Council of Ministers, chaired by King Mohammed VI, adopted a draft reform law for the country’s military justice system that will exempt all civilians from trial in military courts. The draft law also establishes permanent liaisons within government ministries to ...

Reforming Societies: The Case of Women’s Rights in Morocco – Caitlin Dearing Scott

   . * “The pressure for change is building,” reports The New York Times on the progress of women’s rights in Morocco. To the degree Morocco’s key actors can continue working together to achieve consensus on real reforms, positive results will continue building as well. *  . Caitlin Dearing Scott, MAC March 17, 2014 In an article in today’s New York Times, “Gender Inequality in Morocco Continues, Despite Amendments to Family Law,” ...

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