In Morocco, there will be no turning back by Amb. Gabriel

Morocco continues on the road to democracy, highlighted by its upcoming elections on November 25th. The elections are the first under the newly passed constitution, ratified by Moroccans last June with a 98% approval rate by the 73% turnout of registered voters. The new constitution puts in the hands of government, led by a democratically elected Prime Minister and Parliament, new power to make its own policy and administer its programs, without oversight by the Palace. These steps forward are a part of a major reform initiative begun more than a decade ago, when King Mohammed VI stated that the Morocco has made its decision to move forward towards full democracy, and there will be no turning back. The newly elected Parliament will be expected to take on their duties under the new constitution that will make it more accountable and responsible for the conduct of government affairs. The King will step back from the daily oversight of governmental affairs, but will maintain his leadership role in religious affairs and national security. The great changes of the past decade bode well for the next decade when I believe we will see a strong constitutional monarchy take hold with America’s oldest and most trusted ally.

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