[Video] What’s next for Morocco after the elections?

Today, a panel of foreign policy experts and former US diplomats in Washington, DC discussed Morocco’s recent elections and the challenges that lie ahead for the ongoing reform process.  The roundtable, ”What’s next for Morocco? Assessing opportunities and challenges after the elections,” came less than two weeks after Morocco held its first parliamentary elections following major constitutional reforms approved in a national referendum in July.

The panelists included: Dr. Anouar Boukhars, assistant professor of political science and international studies, McDaniel College; Shari Bryan, vice-president, National Democratic Institute; Edward M. Gabriel, former US Ambassador to Morocco; Dr. Audra K. Grant, professor of political science, The George Washington University; and Robert M. Holley, executive director, Moroccan American Center for Policy. [Click here for more…]

[wpvideo L1HH0IpW]


[…] in Washington, DC there was a really interesting roundtable, “What’s Next for Morocco? Assessing opportunities and challenges after the elections.” The experts on the panel were academics, think tank leaders and former US diplomats. (Click here for […]


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