Enactus Morocco: A competition to encourage entrepreneurship — Le Soir

[Article in French]

le_soir Le Soir (Casablanca, Morocco, June 25, 2013) — Enactus Morocco is celebrating its 10th anniversary working to advance youth entrepreneurship and sustainable development in Morocco. The Enactus Morocco association will organize the 10th annual competition at the Sheraton hotel in Casablanca from July 1-2; the theme will be “social innovation in the service of a competitive Morocco.”

The competition offers 2000 students from 45 universities and higher education institutions the opportunity to present the results of their entrepreneurial projects to sixty business and economic leaders, who will make up the jury in charge of evaluating the 130 community development projects. The projects benefited over 80,000 people in need across the Kingdom. The event is open to the public and will be attended by national and international celebrities. The team that wins this year’s contest will represent Morocco in the Enactus World Cup, which will take place this September in Mexico, uniting teams from the 39 countries in which Enactus operates.

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