Ten Moroccans Named Among Africa’s Top 25 Young Leaders – Nadia Elboubkri

Nadia Elboubkri, MAC
Washington, DC
September 23, 2013

As Morocco emerges as one of Africa’s leading countries in progress and growth, we wonder who the rising stars are behind Morocco’s economic, infrastructure, and leadership success. This month, Jeune Afrique announced that 10 Moroccan businessmen, financiers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and industrialists were ranked among the respected magazine’s top 25 “Leaders of Tomorrow,” selected for embodying “the future of the continent.”

With Morocco moving ahead in its ambitious agenda for change, there is increasing demand for capable, experienced, and motivated Moroccan men and women who can lead the way in meeting the challenges and overcoming the obstacles to a better tomorrow. These top ten Moroccan leaders are certainly making their mark and helping to pave the way for Morocco’s successful future.

Mohamed Hassan Bensalah, CEO Holmarcom Group

After the death of his father, Mohammed Bensalah took over the family company as Chairman and CEO of Holmarcom. Bensalah’s approach to business is what landed him in the top 25 young leaders of Africa.

According to Holmarcom’s official history, Bensalah is decisive, pragmatic, and has a plan for the success of Holmarcom, embarking “on a vigorous growth phase…and [pursuing] its growth strategy, harnessing the strengths of its people, its industrial performance, traditions, and innovative know-how.”

Ismail Douiri, DG Attijariwafa bank

Douiri became co-CEO of Morocco’s largest bank, Attijariwafa Bank, in 2008 after being promoted from Deputy General Manager.

He started his career in the U.S. at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, thereafter joining Casablanca Finance Group. Douiri has an impressive background, having earned his MBA from Harvard Business School then working for Morgan Stanley, and founded a mobile start-up in North Africa. In 2010 he was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Mehdi Tazi, DG CNIA Saada and SG Saham Finances

Mehdi Tazi has been Managing Director at CNIA Saada since 2011. He is also Member of the Executive Committee of the Company. He began his career in 1999 at KPMG Consulting France. Shortly after, he joined Saham Group as Development Director. Tazi has also held leadership positions at Isaaf Mondial Assistance, where he previously served as Deputy Managing Director.

Lamia Tazi, DG Sothema

Lamia Tazi, Managing Director at Sothema, made a name for herself with her strong opinions on local sourcing for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

She has spearheaded the movement to increase local production and bring business back to Morocco, to lower domestic prices and create a market for pharmaceutical exports in Morocco.

Khalid Khairane, Director of HSL project ONCF

Khairane, Director of the Tangier-Casablanca High Speed Rail Line project for Morocco’s leading railway company, ONCF, is winning recognition for his role in bringing advanced transportation to Morocco. The project has received high distinction from King Mohammed VI, and is among the most advanced in the region.

Youssef Chraïbi, President Outsourcia

Youssef Chraibi gained popularity for his work as President of Outsourcia—a firm that is bringing Moroccan technology to the forefront in the region. Chraibi began his entrepreneurial career in France in the field of new technologies at the age of 24 years by co-founding Marketo.com.

As president of Outsourcia, he now employs more than 500 people in Morocco and France, where the company completed a transaction acquisition in 2010. Chraibi is also the 2010 recipient of the Medays Young Entrepreneurship Award.

Hicham Naciri, Partner at Allen & Overy

According to Chambers Global 2013 (Morocco – General Business Law), “Hicham Naciri heads the team practicing Moroccan law. He has many years of experience in the jurisdiction, including a stint as Gide Loyrette Nouel’s local partner, and is in great demand.

He is regarded as a “really outstanding lawyer,” and “a proper deal maker and a leading light.” Naciri is in the top rankings of the Chambers Global 2013 and is a partner at Allen & Overy in Casablanca.

Majid Iraqi, DG Taqa North Africa

Majid Iraqui, Managing Director for TAQA in North Africa, has been working on expanding Morocco’s energy industry and creating jobs in Morocco at the same time. In a recent interview he commented on TAQA’s partnership with a foreign company: “The expansion of Jorf Lasfar will increase Moroccan power generation capacity by more than 10 per cent and is vital to enabling growth and creating jobs in the economy. Construction is well advanced thanks to the strong support of the Moroccan government and the ONEE.”

Zineb Abbad Al Andaloussi, Manager Rothschild

Zineb Abbad Al Andaloussi is a leading manager at Rothschild holdings in Morocco. Rothschild has assets in one of Morocco’s largest banks: Bank of Morocco.

Saad Sefrioui, CEO of Addoha Delegate

Sefrioui is the CEO of Addoha Delegate, which requires managing billions of dollar investments in cement plants in Morocco. Sefrioui’s most recent project with Addoha involves construction of a plant that will have a production capacity of 500,000 tons of cement per year, expandable to one million tons / year.


Nadia Elboubkri is a Research Associate at the Moroccan American Center

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