Morocco Sets Forth 2015 Budget Priorities

benkirane 1Last week Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane identified the 2015 budget priorities for all government departments. Among them, “accelerating the implementation of constitutional reforms.” Magharebia writes:

The 2015 Finance Act will focus on four areas: boosting confidence in the economy, accelerating the implementation of constitutional reforms, promoting social solidarity and employment promotion schemes, and continuing with efforts to gradually restore the macroeconomic balance.

The goal is to make the Moroccan economy more competitive by boosting investment and enterprise,. The plan also looks to implement major reforms (in areas such as pensions and subsidies) and regionalization.

On the social front, the memorandum said it was necessary to lay the foundations for an effective and integrated social and solidarity policy based on all sectors complementing each other and interacting with each other.

Special attention is to be paid to the social economy by helping co-operatives develop income-generating activities.

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