SAP Invests $500 Million To Go After Enterprise Market In Africa

German enterprise software giant SAP is making a $500 million investment in Africa, citing Morocco as one of its five key markets. The move reflects a broader trend of tech investment in the continent – moving beyond the thought of Africa simply as a source of raw materials:

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SAP, the German enterprise software giant, has committed to invest $500 million by 2020 in the African region.

The goal is to grow its business across five main regions in Africa — South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, and Morocco — but it said most of the investment will be spent outside of South Africa.

SAP said Africa is a great market to introduce some of its newest technologies, such as the SAP HANA in-memory platform, because none of the legacy systems is currently in place there. It also hopes to train new talent in the region through its training programs, like “Skills for Africa Scholarship Programme.“…[Full Article]

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