Morocco Re-Launches Employment Schemes

Magharebia provides an update on employment programs in Morocco, which are continually working to better target youth unemployment. As the Taatir and Moubadara programs get underway, Morocco continues to adapt previous efforts, such as Moukalawati, for better results:

magharebiaTwo years after new employment programs were announced in Morocco, they are finally ready for launch.

The “Taatir” scheme for jobless graduates has entered its trial phase, Moroccan Employment Minister Abdeslam Seddiki told Magharebia last Friday (June 13th).

Some 10,000 unemployed people are set to benefit from the program by 2016, the minister said.

More than 2,000 young people with degrees have already been trained as “academic managers”, so that they can get work in private schools, Seddike noted.

[Magharebia/Siham Ali] Schools and civil society organisations will provide new employment opportunities to young Moroccans, Employment Minister Abdeslam Seddiki says on June 13th.

Employment Minister Abdeslam Seddiki. Photo: Magharebia/Siham Ali

Another project, “Moubadara”, focuses on providing youth employment within civil society organizations. The government is expected to make the necessary legislative changes in order for associations to recruit young people, political analyst Jamal Farhani said.

Work at these associations represents a significant prospect of recruitment for young graduates into the workforce, provided the government provides the necessary training, he said.

“The government now only has two and a half years before it reaches the end of its mandate. It must take action to fulfill its commitments, particularly the introduction of the new employment programs and the reduction of unemployment to 8%,” Farhani added.

The government is also working to adapt existing projects, such as Moukalawati, to the present labor market.

Another measure under consideration is redundancy pay, which would assist young unemployed people suffering financial hardship and living in remote areas…[Full Story]


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