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The Jerusalem Post reports on a new book on grilling the Moroccan way:

The Jerusalem Post

Grilled pineapple. Photo:BEN YUSTER

Grilled pineapple. Photo: BEN YUSTER

If you think that the grilling season is over, think again. It is now, when the heat has mellowed (slightly), that spending time cooking outside may be just bearable. With the holidays just around the corner, the idea of cooking a whole meal for the family outside – leaving the oven and sink clean – may be very appealing.

Chef Guy Peretz, who comes from a family of butchers from Casablanca, Morocco, studied at some of the best culinary institutions in the world and won many prizes at international competitions. The co-owner of a culinary group and chef of a few leading hotels, his cooking style combines Mediterranean cuisine with the North African, mixing the traditional with the innovative.

Peretz recently published a cookbook called The Grill Book, which offers recipes for everything barbecued – from meat, poultry and fish to vegetables and desserts. Here are a few recipes we especially loved…[Full Story]


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