Morocco Presents Western Sahara Development Plan in Geneva’s UN Office [Maghreb Arab Press]

Morocco’s development efforts in Western Sahara were presented at a seminar held on the sidelines of the 27th session of the UN human rights council:

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Experts and academics debated the relevance of this scheme as a factor of social-economic progress and local governance.

Participants had a chance to learn about the ambitious projects carried out in the Western Sahara in housing, access to education, infrastructure and promotion of economic activities.

A total of 10,000 km of roads, 4 maritime ports and airports were built in these provinces, said a Moroccan expert who also noted that the present human development indicator is set to help the southern provinces reach the UNDP benchmark of high human development.

She insisted that the region has come a long way from back in 1975 when 50% of the Western Sahara population lived below the poverty line, illiteracy was almost general and the human development indicator was significantly lower than in the rest of Morocco.

The seminar, held by the International Agency for Development, was an opportunity to debate and exchange ideas on strategies and policies needed for the second stage of the post-2015 millennium development goals…[Original Story]


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