CNDH Showcases its Experience on Raising Human Rights Awareness in Business World [Maghreb Arab Press]

Morocco’s National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) continues to shape an emerging culture of human rights in Morocco, speaking at a UN forum last week on their efforts:

MAP logoCNDHThe National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) showcased, Thursday before the UN forum in Addis-Ababa, its experience in the field of raising human rights and labor standards awareness in the business world.

The CNDH initiated an awareness-raising program in 2012-2013 which led to a multiparty dialogue and a strategy to fight child labor and ensure special needs people’s inclusion, women’s participation and the right to environment and water, said CNDH official Nabila Tbeur before the 2nd African regional forum on enterprises and human rights held on Sept. 16-18 in Addis-Ababa.

She added that CNDH developed partnerships with the Moroccan employers association, human resources managers and the social auditing institution in order to include the respect for human rights in businesses, saying that the CNDH conducted several studies to assess the human rights situation in some high risk economic sectors.

The rights body also made reports on the situation of female agriculture workers and the employment of special needs people, she noted. Tbeur underlined that these reports include recommendations which will be submitted to the different parties concerned as the government…[Original Story, Subscription Required]


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