A Chic New Hotel Opens in Fez, Morocco [The New York Times]

A hotel in Fez challenges the status quo of luxury hotels in the region:


Hotel Sahrai in Fez. Photo: New York Times

Hotel Sahrai in Fez. Photo: New York Times

Marrakech and Tangier have long shared double billing as Morocco’s most alluring cities. In contrast, Fez, the country’s intellectual and spiritual capital, has always been respectfully admired for its architecture and its authenticity. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981, it’s a reserved but fascinating town that has been ambivalent about courting tourism — and until recently, has never had an opulent luxury hotel akin to Marrakech’s famed La Mamounia.

Now that has changed, with the opening of the 50-room Hotel Sahrai overlooking the medina, the beehive-like quarter that is the largest surviving traditional urban neighborhood in Morocco. In deference to local sensibilities, however, the Paris-based interior designer Christophe Pillet, one of France’s rising young talents, designed the hilltop hotel to be discreet and respectful of local aesthetics…[Full Story]

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