King Urges MPs to Adopt Charter of Ethics, Avoid Petty Party Politics [North Africa Post]

King Mohammed VI proposes a broad-based ethics charter for MPs in Morocco while outlining a busy reform period to come in the next two years:

North Africa Post logoOpening the Fall session of Parliament on Friday, King Mohammed VI called all MPs and politicians to show a sense of responsibility and ethics, to raise the level of political debate and to avoid lack of respect for others.

“Political discourse requires being honest with the citizens, making objective analyses and ensuring that stakeholders show mutual respect, so they can all be partners in serving the nation, and not just politicians divided by narrow interests,” said King Mohammed VI during the official opening of the parliamentary session.

“Political practice should primarily be based on close attention to the citizens’ needs, on constant contact with the people, on compliance with laws and on observation of ethical standards,” he told the members of the two chambers of the Moroccan parliament…[Full Story]


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