Second World Human Rights Forum (WHRF) in Marrakech , 27-30 November [Africa Bulletin]

Morocco hosts the 2nd World Human Rights Forum (WHRF) next month, expecting 5,000 participants from all over the globe:

world human rights forum bigThe Kingdom of Morocco will host the second edition of the World Human Rights Forum (WHRF) in Marrakesh from 27 to 30 November 2014. In December 2013, Brazil hosted the first World human rights Forum, with over 5,000 participants from 30 countries. The Marrakesh Forum took place twenty years after the 1993 Vienna World Conference on Human rights.

By organizing this second edition, Morocco seeks to contribute to the emergence of a universal platform for dialogue among governments, national human rights institutions and civil society organizations working to meet people’s aspirations for respect, dignity, equality and justice…[Full Story]


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