US Ambassador Reiterates Washington’s Support to Moroccan Autonomy Initiative in the Sahara [Maghreb Arab Press]

US official yet again reaffirming Morocco’s Sahara autonomy proposal:

MAP logoUS ambassador in Morocco, Dwight Bush, reiterated Washington’s support to the Moroccan autonomy proposal in the Sahara, which it has repeatedly welcomed as “serious, realistic and credible”.

“We continue to consider as serious, realistic and credible the autonomy proposal made by Morocco to settle the dispute”, the US diplomat said in an interview with Moroccan “Al Massae” daily.

He insisted that the US stance in the Sahara issue “has not changed at all” and that his country backs the UN germane proposals and process.

Stressing the need to abide by the UN decisions, Dwight Bush pointed out that “dialog remains the appropriate solution to find a way out to the conflict”.

He also emphasized “the robust bonds existing between Morocco and the USA” and expressed “confidence” that bilateral ties will be further consolidated in the future.

The US diplomat also commended the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI who is advocating moderated Islam, before expressing his country’s readiness to reinforce cooperation with Morocco to counter threats facing the region…[Original Story, subscription required]


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