NATO sees Morocco as “strategic stakeholder” of Mediterranean dialogue [Maghreb Arab Press]

Morocco receives praise from NATO official as a key security partner:

MAP logoMorocco is a “strategic stakeholder” of Mediterranean dialog, launched in 1994 by the North Atlantic Alliance Organization with seven countries of the Middle East and North Africa region, said on Thursday Alicia Ambos, from NATO’s division of political affairs and security policy.

“Morocco is a key partner for NATO in the MENA region. It has played, since the establishment of the Mediterranean dialogue, a very important role, Ambos told a delegation of Moroccan diplomats who were visiting NATO head offices in the Belgian capital.

Historically, Morocco maintains privileged bonds with some of NATO member-countries and boasts precious expertise that it can share with the Organization’s member-countries, she went on, before stressing that the organization is giving great importance to developing its cooperation ties and partnership with the Kingdom.

She also explained that this interest is motivated by the Alliance’s will to reinforce security and stability in the region as well as in its member-states, noting that “NATO and MENA countries are facing similar threats and challenges and the Alliance, therefore, needs to establish a global network of security where partnership with the Mediterranean countries dialog remains crucial.”

NATO’s Mediterranean dialog reflects the organization’s vision that “security in Europe is closely linked to the security and stability in the Mediterranean” as well as its adaptation to the post-cold war security environment. It is also a vital element of the openness and cooperation policy followed by the Alliance”…[Original story, subscription required]


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