Global coalition confronts ISIS [Magharebia]

Morocco continues to play a leadership role in the global coalition’s fight against ISIS:

magharebiaRepresentatives of 60 countries will gather in Marrakech on Monday (December 15th) to discuss ways to counter the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.

The news was announced at the first meeting of the international coalition in Brussels on December 3rd, where members agreed on a joint strategy going forward.

In their closing statement, the coalition partners reaffirmed their “commitment to work together under a common, multi-faceted and long-term strategy to degrade and defeat ISIS”.

The discussions included a review of progress made on the ground and the efforts required to defeat Daesh.

The coalition agreed that efforts should focus on five components: “supporting military operations, stopping the flow of foreign fighters, cutting off access to financing, addressing humanitarian relief and delegitimising ISIS”.

The campaign against Daesh was “beginning to show results”, the Brussels forum noted. But the fight would be long, attendees said, and would require a sustained, concerted and co-ordinated response.

Several countries, including Morocco and Tunisia, are already co-operating in a large-scale operation called “Ghost Hunt” to track down and capture Daesh fighters…[full story]

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