Med nations partner against Daesh, crime [Magharebia]

Morocco continues to play a leadership role in international security:

magharebiaMediterranean member states of the “5+5 Defense Initiative” promise greater co-operation in the fight against extremism and terror.

In a joint statement issued Thursday (December 11th) in Granada, defense ministers and envoys from Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia and Libya, along with their peers from Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Portugal, promised to “work with a renewed strength” to tackle security challenges.

“We face common threats: Islamist terrorism, drug smuggling, human trafficking, massive illegal migration, all are factors that affect the Mediterranean coast,” said Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenes, who hosted the 2-day security summit.

“International jihadist terrorism directly affects our nations but it is also affecting countries that are not part of the 5+5,” he added…[Full Story]

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