OLAF Report Makes Stunning Revelations on Misuse of EU aid to Tindouf camps | North Africa Post

An EU report comes to light outlining the “stunning” details of the Polisaro’s embezzlement of EU aid:

The North Africa PostFor years, a large part of the European Union’s humanitarian assistance destined to the Tindouf camps Sahrawis has never reached the initial addressees as it has been diverted by the Polisario leaders.

The facts were not established by any unknowns but by a report of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) that dates back to 2007 and that was revealed by the French News Agency AFP on Thursday.

According to the agency, the OLAF report, based on the results of a survey conducted since 2003, was drafted in 2007. However, the report was not released to the public for unknown reasons.

 “The document lays serious charges and mentions the names of the individuals suspected of being the planners of these embezzlements,” said AFP which obtained a copy of the report only on Thursday…[Full Story]

Cover photo via DFID

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