Morocco, reaping rewards of transport policy- Minister | Maghreb Arab Press

Morocco’s investments in transportation have made it an infrastructure leader in Africa:

MAP logoMorocco is reaping the rewards of its transportation strategy on top of which the strengthening of road security, Minister Delegate in charge of transport Mohamed Najib Boulif said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the 15th meeting of the transport commission of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), Boulif highlighted Morocco’s Open Sky policy with some countries adding that the new strategy “Ajwae 2035” aims at opening up air transport to include a number of large and medium cities across the Kingdom.

He pointed to the milestone reached by the air transport sector in terms of passengers whose numbers hit 17 million, adding that this significant development places Morocco among leading African countries in air transport.

As for rail transport, the Minister highlighted Morocco’s efforts in terms of the construction of a high speed train as well as the need for rail links with Africa to promote freight transportation.

Boulif also briefed the audience on maritime transport and shed light on Morocco’s 2030 strategy in that regard. He said that thanks to a strategic geographic location and modern ports, Morocco is well suited to be a logistics platform in the Mediterranean region.

In this connection, he pointed out to the importance of Tangier Med port which has proved to be key logistics platform both at the national and international levels…[Original Story, Subscription Required]




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