Morocco to host Hub Africa investment conference | Disrupt Africa

Casablanca will host the 3rd Hub Africa conference to continue advancing the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem in Africa:

disrupt africa logoThe third Hub Africa conference is to take place in April in Morocco, with entrepreneurs and investors invited to collaborate to build the investment ecosystem in Africa.

The event is to take place on April 2 and 3 in Casablanca, Morocco, and will run under the theme “Believe in Africa, invest in Africa”.

Bringing together public and private players, corporates, startups, funding bodies, professional associations, academics, and students in higher education, Hub Africa aims to address all the issues related to investment in Africa – including financing, management, regulation, and innovation issues.

The organizers said the conference will allow participants to expand their network, share experiences and enthusiasm, get feedback and advice, identify synergies between players, and potentially agree investments or launch new projects.  The conference also hopes to encourage African diaspora to become more active in the investment ecosystem on the continent…[Full Story]

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