VIDEO: Bill Clinton: Moroccan King, descendant of prophet, leads model country of coexistence between Jews and Muslims | Maghreb Arab Press

Former President Bill Clinton, at an address this week at the 2015 HOPE Global Forum in Atlanta, mentioned Morocco as a model example of inclusive growth [VIDEO BELOW] :

MAP logoKing Mohammed VI, descendant of the Prophet, leads a model country of religious tolerance, otherness and coexistence as shows the concord between Moroccan Jews and Muslims, said former US president Bill Clinton.

“The King of Morocco, a direct descendant of the Prophet, ordered the revamping of cemeteries and synagogues in Morocco,” said the founder of the Clinton Foundation in a speech before the Hope Global Forum which was recently held in Atlanta, State of Georgia.

Recalling the Moroccan model, under the audience’s applause, Clinton noted that, after Paris shootings, young people are in quest for positive and unifying examples.

Clinton also alluded to the restoration of Jewish cemeteries in Morocco, which was launched in 2010 at the initiative of HM King Mohammed VI and which involved 167 sites in 14 Moroccan regions…[Original Story, Subscription Required]


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