UNCTAD ranks Morocco 16th in Liner Shipping connectivity Index | Maghreb Arab Press

The UN trade and investment body (UNCTAD) rates Morocco as Africa’s leader in shipping connectivity:

MAP logoMorocco came first in Africa taking the 16th position in the global 2014 Liner Shipping Connectivity Index conducted by the UN trade and investment body (UNCTAD).

UNCTAD ranks Morocco 16th in Liner Shipping connectivity Index

Morocco’s liner shipping connectivity improved significantly from the 84th rank before the opening of Tanger-Med port to the 16th position in 2014, Tanger Med port authority (TMSA) said.

With the latest Liner Shipping Connectivity Index, Morocco leads the ranking of African and Latin American countries.

The United Arab Emirates came 15th preceded by Italy 14th, Spain 13th and France 12th.

Tanger Med port is now connected to 161 ports in 63 countries, TMSA said.

The Liner Shipping connectivity Index captures how well countries are connected to global shipping networks.

The index is based on five components of the maritime transport sector: number of ships, their container-carrying capacity, maximum vessel size, number of services, and number of companies that deploy container ships in a country’s ports…[Original Story, Subscription Required]

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