GNC team heads back to Morocco for second round of Skhirat talks | Libya Herald

Libya peace negotiations will continue with 2nd round, hosted in Morocco:

LibyaHeraldThe negotiating team of the continuing General National Congress (GNC) has flew out of Tripoli today for the second round of the UN-brokered dialogue talks in the Moroccan seaside resort of Skhirat. However, the talks are extremely unlikely to take place for at least another week.

It was agreed last week at the end of the first Skhirat session that delegates from both the GNC and the House of Representatives (HoR) would return today with approval from both bodies on the priorities for the planned government as well as rules on who could serve as prime minister, and get down to deciding on a government of national unity starting as of tomorrow. However, fears within the HoR that it was being railroaded into a accepting government of national unity that would include Islamists defeated in the June elections but who then took up arms to gain power has resulted in growing opposition in the House to the whole dialogue process.

Yesterday, the HoR told UNSMIL that the Skhirat talks would have to be delayed by a week while it deliberated on the next moves. According to Faraj Buhashem, the HoR’s spokesman, the legislators wanted time to discuss a unity government together with its remit and its relationship with the HoR…[Full Story, Subscription Required]



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