Moroccan Cuisine Swirls into the American Kitchen | Parade

Moroccan food continues to capture the attention of the American palate:

paradeMorocco’s sweet and savory fragrances of olives, tender meat, dried fruit and rich spices is swirling around American cuisine. As a North African country bordering the Mediterranean, it has for thousands of years imported Asian, European and Arabic flavors into its own rich culinary history. As an elegant and colorful cuisine, it’s a welcome addition to the forever expanding American palate. Caroline Hofberg’s cookbook, Morocco on a Plate, showcases various bread, vegetarian, meat and dessert recipes for curious minds who wish to explore Moroccan cuisine.

When learning about a foreign cuisine, it’s best to learn about the basic flavors. Hofberg starts Morocco on a Plate with a section listing and a description of common ingredients. She then provides recipes for a few complex spice blends. The vegetarian and side dish section has lush recipes with unexpected flavor combinations. Before citrus season ends, I recommend trying the Moroccan Orange and Olive Salad or the Orange Salad with Dates. When summer brings in the tomato season, try the Okra and Tomato Sauce recipe.

In between pages of recipes are vibrate colorful and documentary-style black and white photographs of home cooks, chefs, vendors and food markets. However, there are a few pictures of dishes that doesn’t quite demonstrate the beauty of the recipe. Don’t let those few pictures fool you…[Full Story]

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