Legendary Lost City Of Atlantis Was Located Off Moroccan Coast, Claims German Programmer | Tech Times

A new analysis places the likely location of the lost city of Atlantis in Morocco:

tech times logoAs the story goes, the glorious ancient city of Atlantis sank under the sea. There are different accounts offering bits and pieces of the lost city’s location, but the general consensus has always been that water is involved. The water in German programmer Michael Hübner’s hypothesis, however, is a little different.

For him, it was more like a massive wave of water that hit Atlantis and dealt colossal destruction on the ancient city before draining away, like a tsunami leveling an area before receding back into the sea after an earthquake. This idea led Hübner to believe that Atlantis is not underwater. In fact, it is nowhere near water and instead is sitting in plain sight in a desert in Morocco.

Data analysis prompted Hübner to conclude where Atlantis is. He used geographical data taken from two of Plato’s writings describing the ancient city. From “Critias” and “Timaeus,” he was able to derive 51 attributes that he then used in a mapping program. The clues Plato left regarding Atlantis’ location involved closeness to the sea, a spot beyond the “Pillars of Heracles,” which many believe as Gibraltar, mountains to the north, an elephant population, a ring-like city structure and a 3,100-mile distance from Athens…[Full Story]



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