More work, less stress: inside the Blue House, Morocco’s residence for startups | Wamda

A hub for entrepreneurs begins to form in a small, seaside town of Morocco:

Surf tourism has grown in popularity over the years, and Morocco’s little village of Taghazout, north of Agadir, has not escaped this trend. With its beautiful coast and picturesque setting, it is understandable that it has become temporary home to traveling surfers and yoga practitioners alike. But there’s another segment of this tourist business that is worth a more in-depth look – the entrepreneurs.

Speaking to our core values

Entrepreneurs are increasingly finding value in a change in setting. If it could be a coffee shop, a coworking space, a friend’s couch – so why not a whole different continent?

Entrepreneurship comes come in many forms and initiatives, and for Wamda’s French editor, Aline Mayard, it came as the Blue House project, which she launched in Taghazout over the last couple of months. We hold entrepreneurship at the very core of Wamda’s mission – a number of our team members are founders themselves – and working closely with entrepreneurs in this ecosystem can get really, really inspiring. So when Aline shared what she had been working on with us, we were all psyched.

Fishing for the right spot

Aline first heard about Taghazout while talking to the founders of UK-based Maptia, and Moroccan-American collaboration Chui, who had visited the town to enjoy its sandy shores, surf, and focus on work. When she heard that they had all ended up extending their stay, she became curious…[Full Story]

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