Morocco Aspires to Draw Inspiration from US Experience in Vocational Training, Says Minister | Maghreb Arab Press

Morocco is making links with US Community Colleges to learn from the American model and improve education and vocational training:

MAP logoNOVA mcveighMorocco aspires to draw inspiration from the American experience to promote the country’s vocational training, Minister Delegate for National Education and Vocational Training Abdelâdim El Guerrouj said Tuesday in Washington.

The Kingdom remains open to all “successful and pioneer” international experiences in the field, particularly the American one,   El Guerrouj told MAP following a meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Egypt and Maghreb Affairs John Desrocher, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Office for Near Eastern Affairs, Elizabeth Richard.

Morocco aspires to draw inspiration from the American experience in the field of vocational training and foster public-private partnership in order to establish a development model that would reduce disparity between education and market requirement, particularly in the fields of aeronautics, automobile industry and renewable energies, he added.

The Moroccan official also held a set of meetings with officials from the Institute of International Education, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the National Geographic Society on the means to promote bilateral cooperation in the field of vocational training, notably by setting up common research programs.

Morocco and the United States signed, on Monday in Alexandria (Virginia), a memorandum of understanding on the reinforcement of bilateral cooperation on education and vocational training.

The agreement seeks to promote cooperation on vocational training through the exchanges of students and teachers visits, in addition to the setting up of joint research programs…[Original Story, Subscription Required]



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