Morocco dispatches 15 tons of medicine and medical equipment to help Guinea Conakry fight Ebola | Maghreb Arab Press

Morocco is shipping medicine and medical equipment to Guinea Conakry to support its continued battle with the Ebola epidemic.

MAP logoebola aid shipment guinea conakry MAPMoroccan carrier RAM airlifted, on Wednesday, a royal donation made up of 15 tons of medicines and medical equipment to Guinea Conakry to help it fight the Ebola epidemic.

The health ministry said, in a statement to MAP, that this humanitarian aid is part of Morocco’s support for international efforts aimed at containing the virus, and of the reinforcement of solidarity and cooperation ties between Morocco and African countries in general, and Morocco and Guinea Conakry in particular.

In a statement to the press at the Mohammed V airport, Abderrahim Karib, official in charge of medicines and pharmaceutical products supply at the health ministry, said that this royal donation, made up of 15 tons of medicines, medical products and biomedical equipment, is meant to assist the country in which new Ebola cases were detected.

This donation will contribute to the improvement of health services in Guinea Conakry and will bring a major support to help fight the Ebola epidemic, he added…[Original Story, Subscription Required]



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